Dicamba fra Monsanto

Dicamba fra Monsanto

Dicamba fra Monsanto


Monsanto is launching a super poison that kills plants in its path — except for Monsanto GMOs. It even flies through the air onto neighbouring land!
Monsanto is pushing a super poison that flies through the air killing plants in its path…except for Monsanto GMOs. But in days the US state of Arkansas could ban it, setting a precedent for the world. Over a million of us signed the petition against Monsanto’s super poison, and now Arkansas officials are asking for our input on what to do next.

Here are some points you can use to help write your comments, but they want to hear from you so the more personalized you make it, the better:

  • I support the Arkansas Plant Board’s recommendation to ban Dicamba.
  • Thousands of farmers impacted by Dicamba have shown that it drifts, hurting neighbors who have no control over its application.
  • Don’t let Monsanto bully government into forcing their product on the market. Monsanto is trying to roll out Dicamba across the globe and people across the world are watching closely what happens in Arkansas.

It’s no surprise farmers are up in arms. Dicamba spreads death with the wind, drifting onto their crops, trees, soil, and water. Farmers are now faced with a terrible choice — switch to Monsanto GMO seeds, or watch their crops die.  It’s a greedy, dangerous scheme that will make Monsanto billions and could destroy our food system.   But we can stop it. 17 US states opened Dicamba investigations and key Arkansas authorities just recommended a ban — now it is up for a vote. Regulators from the EU to Latin America are watching carefully.
For years, the Avaaz community has taken on the David vs Goliath fight to stop the corrupt and dangerous takeover of our food system. And we are winning. Last year, we helped stop Monsanto from opening a flagship GM factory in Argentina, and we stopped the EU from giving a new license to the pesticide glyphosate. Now, we can help win in Arkansas where the next fight begins.

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